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Boulder Through the Decades

Boulder Through the Decades

Wild Buffalo

Wild | Buffalo in Boulder

Drawing a (Blank) in Boulder

Drawing a (Blank) in Boulder

Our Living Landscape: Exploring Boulder's Watershed

Our Living Landscape: Exploring Boulder’s Watershed

Leaving a Mark

Leaving a Mark


Archive 75

Boulder Open Studios Tour

Boulder Open Studios


Right On!


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Live from Boulder

Live from Boulder

Rooster Magazine Exhibit | June 6 – July 29

After starting in a small house on the Hill in Boulder, CO more than a decade ago, Rooster Magazine has become the largest art and culture magazine in Colorado and the Southwest. To celebrate, Rooster will take you on an artistic and visual journey from the first issues distributed by hand to today and its nearly 70,000 magazines printed each month. This exhibit showcases its iconic covers featuring some of the art world’s best artists.

The Art of Resilience: Nicaraguan Perspectives | April 6, 2019 – June 3, 2019

Boulder’s original sister city, Friendship City Projects, presents the inspirational, healing, and transcendent art of two Nicaraguan artists: Marlon Moreno and José Ortiz Bracamonte.

Marlon Moreno is one of the founders of the volunteer-run, grassroots art school, Taller Artístico Xuchialt. From its inception, this school has championed art as a form of resilience for youth enabling them to envision and create a better future.

José Ortiz Bracamonte’s family has been creating pottery in the traditional style for generations, and from that legacy, he pushes artistic boundaries. He won the prestigious Ruben Darío Gold Medal in 2008 – the highest honor awarded to Nicaraguan artists. His work celebrates artistry and deep community engagement.

All art displayed will be for sale and proceeds will go directly to the art school and art coop, to support Nicaraguan artists, art education and positive community development. Nicaraguan Artist visits and workshops are supported by a Boulder Arts Commission art education grant.

Living with Wolves Exhibit | December 8, 2018 – May 27, 2019

A photographic exhibit that advocates the reintroduction of wolves into western Colorado.

National Geographic’s Living with Wolves brings you face-to-face with a wolf pack to learn their social structures and dispel myths surrounding these unique creatures. Discover efforts to reintroduce wolves to Colorado. Bring the whole family and howl with the pack. Touch traps and pelts and listen to their voices in this multi-media exhibit presented by the Rocky Mountain Wolf Project.


DINOSAURS: LAND OF FIRE AND ICE™ | February 9 – May 12, 2019

Stomp on over to Museum of Boulder’s Dinosaurs: Land of Fire and Ice exhibit, where children of all ages (including children at heart!) can explore touchable dinosaurs, go on an adventure in their prehistoric habitats, and investigate dinosaur fossils! The exhibit was created by Minnesota Children’s Museum. Visitors and school groups will enjoy a variety of programs and activities exploring Dinosaurs, prehistoric environments, and building science skills as they investigate clues about what the dinosaurs left behind! The bilingual exhibit — displays are in both English and Spanish — is designed for children ages 3 to 10. It is based in the Cretaceous Period, ended 66 million years ago, and encourages children to use science skills while engaging curiosity and imaginations about Dinosaurs and prehistoric times.

Humans of Boulder Valley – Feb – April 1st

People across the towns of Boulder Valley and across the decades have made a significant impact on the communities we live in today. Over a 6 week period, students from 4 Boulder Valley School District (BVSD) schools worked on a project with the driving question of, “How can we, as little humans of BVSD, celebrate the stories of our community?”

In driving to answer this question, students from first to third grade have honed their teamwork, story writing, research and speaking skills, while learning history, geography, math, and literacy.

The Humans of Boulder Valley exhibit is a culmination of this 6 week project-based learning unit. The students of University Hill, Ryan, Kohl, and Meadowlark schools have uncovered some pretty amazing stories of the people in their communities, in their families, and of themselves.

Come join us for an exhibition featuring the work of these students. Explore student-created artifacts, interviews, and stories of people in our community.

The Silhouette Project – January 2019

The Museum of Boulder is proud to present a visual story expose created by photographer and historian Dona Laurita with local immigrants and refugees. The Silhouette Project features unique and immensely different stories and images, resulting in commonalities and themes across the narratives. In our current political, socio-economic, and cultural climate, so much fear-based rhetoric has made ‘the immigrant’ demographic nondescript, vague and impersonal. A body, dark against a lighter background. An invisible face. Don’t miss this powerful exhibit which encourages a deep interaction between the subject and the observer.

Open Space Visions Exhibit | October 27 – December 3

Explore Boulder’s landscapes and vistas through the watercolor and oil works of Molly Davis, a local landscape painter. After the 2013 flood, Molly set out to paint every trail on the City of Boulder’s Open Space system as a visual documentary of the impact that this event had on the land. She completed 260 works in “plein aire” by hiking and backpacking hundreds of miles.

Boulder became the first city in the nation to tax itself to buy open space in 1967 and this project also became a way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Open Space in 2017. A four-color book has been produced of all the images – with dozens of interviews from Open Space advocates, their families, and citizens telling the history of protecting this amazing vision – which accompanies this show.

Opening Reception: October 26, 6:00-9:00pm

Listening Together –  August 4 – September 17

An exciting, all ages, highly interactive and sensory exhibit that highlights KGNU Community Radio’s past, present, and future.
Discover the power of Boulder’s community-powered radio station, celebrating 40 years of amplifying community, culture, and music. Activate the auditory senses that allow for deep listening. Experience first-hand the pulse of community radio by interacting with recording and listening stations. Become the media in this exhibit and enjoy ‘listening together” as a community.


discover nasa – May 19 – September 30

Learn what NASA does and its plans for the future. 

Getting young people interested in science and technology can be a challenge, but Discover NASA strives to make it fun and inspirational. The exhibit includes stunning imagery, hands-on activities, and multimedia experiences such as an immersive experience of astronauts living on-board the International Space Station; a 42” touch table interactive where users can build their own solar systems; and a Wind Tunnel interactive.

Entry to the exhibition is free with Museum admission.

da vinci machines –  May 19 – July 29

Discover the genius.  Explore the work of a true Renaissance man. 

Da Vinci’s Machines brings the innovations of Leonardo da Vinci to life. This all-new exhibition features over 75 inventions reconstructed from his illustrations and writings. Encounter and test these amazing inventions, from flying machines and war weapons to diving gear and a self-propelled car. See iconic artwork and reflect on the work of a true visionary.

Over 500 years ago, Leonardo da Vinci conceived possibilities far beyond the understanding of others. His ideas about anatomy, mechanics and flight reveal a man of extraordinary vision.

Da Vinci lived during the Italian High Renaissance, a period of great cultural change and achievement. His paintings influenced Italian art for more than a century after his death. His studies in optics, biology, anatomy and physics anticipated many of the developments in modern science.

Entry to the exhibition is free with Museum admission.

Check our daily schedule for family activities and things to do with kids to dive deeper into the world of da Vinci.

sportsology – May 19 – September 3

An exciting, highly interactive, bilingual exhibit for all ages that explores the science behind sports. 

This exhibition is composed of a series of hands on challenges that allow visitors to test their athletic abilities while learning how their bodies work. Visitors participating in the Sportsology activities test their own levels of fitness through a variety of exhibits that investigate basic fitness and athletic abilities including agility, endurance, speed, balance, coordination, and strength.

Sportsology introduces the scientific principles of the human body at work in different sporting activities; soccer, basketball, baseball, etc. This exhibition promotes healthy choices and increased body awareness. Visitors will learn the value of exercise and be encouraged to recognize and develop their personal physical potential.

Entry to the exhibition is free with Museum admission.

eat well, play well – September 14 – January 6

Bringing nutrition and fitness education together. 

What is in the food we eat? Are fruits and vegetables important?  Can everyday activities burn calories?  Visitors will find the answers to these questions by exploring nutrition and fitness in Eat Well, Play Well, an engaging and educational science exhibit. This hands-on exhibit appeals to children and their families and features text in English and Spanish.

Eat Well, Play Well encourages healthy living by teaching the science of making healthy food choices and helping children and adults discover many fun and interesting ways to stay active. Visitors will discover what an appropriate serving size looks like, see firsthand what it takes to burn off calories, test their flexibility and balance, review the latest clinical research and realize that they can reduce their risk of disease with healthy choices.

Entry to the exhibition is free with Museum admission.

A·MAZE·D | May 18, 2019 – September 1, 2019

Did you know that mazes and puzzles challenge you to use logic, math and problem-solving skills, all while having FUN?! Explore giant indoor mazes that challenge you to use logic, math and problem-solving skills at the Museum’s temporary exhibit A·MAZE·D: The Puzzling World of Dave Phillips. In A·MAZE·D, children and adults will explore a giant, life-sized cardboard box maze, jump from dot-to-dot in Hop Dots, and weave their way through a floor maze that requires more problem-solving skills than may meet the eye.

PACK-IT-UP | June 8, 2019 – September 23, 2019

The whole family can enjoy the challenges and puzzles of this exhibit together! Picture this: you’re going on a unique trip. What supplies do you need for your endeavor and how will you make them fit into your vessel? Where will you put your food in your space capsule? How will you bring all your gear on your bike for a week-long bike-packing trip? The joy of Tetris comes to life in this exhibit that asks you to touch everything.

Boulder Through the Decades | August 1 – December 2, 2019

“Boulder Through the Decades”, comprising over 40 works by artist Johnathan Machen in oil, watercolor, pen-and-ink and plein-air pencil and chalk studies, is a wide-ranging artistic study of Boulder’s natural and architectural environment. Boulder has been Jonathan’s home since he arrived from Los Alamos, New Mexico as a freshman at the University of Colorado in 1982. A love of both architecture and nature has inspired Jonathan to sink deeply into both the natural and the human environments found in Boulder. In this show Jonathan has selected many studies and finished works of architectural gems that define Boulder, as well as a number of lesser-known locations, with perspectives mostly gained by exploration on bicycle or on foot. Machen depicts the Boulder Theater, Fox Theater and Tulagis, Boulder Cafe, East and North Boulder Recreation Centers, Boulder Public Library, Pasta Jays, The Southern Sun, the Museum of Boulder and the First Congregational Church, Chautauqua Auditorium, The County Courthouse, Arnett-Fullen House, Boulder Bandshell, The Laughing Goat Cafe, Ras Kassas Ethiopian Restaurant, Casey Middle School, NCAR, Dushanbe Teahouse, The Bike Paths, Folsom Stadium, The University Club, and Fiske Planetarium.

This video includes a short walk through with the artist, Jonathan Machen, for his solo show at the Museum of Boulder, August-December, 2019.

Wild | Buffalo in Boulder – Celebrating Our National Mammal
September 5, 2019 – January 12, 2020

“Always be yourself. Unless … you can be a bison. Then always be a bison.” – unknown

The American Bison is a unique native species that has played a critical role in the natural history of North America. Millions of bison once roamed from Appalachia to Alaska, Florida to Canada, and of course, Colorado. Sadly, today they are only found in small herds that are highly managed. The Museum of Boulder, Buffalo Field Campaign and local artist Thia Martin of Red Shoes Studio are pleased to present the exhibit Wild | Buffalo in Boulder, which combines superb photographs, artwork, facts, poems, and writings about this magnificent species. This exhibit also features the film, “Our National Mammal” (Mountainfilm 2018), directed by Thia Martin.

This exhibit was recently featured on KGNU. CLICK HERE for the article. CLICK HERE for the audio.

Programs and Events:

Bison Art Class for Youth I (7-12 year olds)
October 13 @ 10:00 am – 11:30 am

Bison Art Class for Youth II (13-18 year olds)
October 13 @ 12:30 PM – 2:00 PM

This video includes a short walk through with the artist, Jonathan Machen, for his solo show at the Museum of Boulder, August-December, 2019.


Drawing a (Blank) in Boulder

December 6, 2019 – January 27, 2020

This juried exhibition features drawings with subject matter relating to Boulder. Nineteen artists who are member of Boulder County Arts Alliance will have works in a variety of mediums on view and for sale. The term “drawing” is applied loosely. Artists were encouraged to submit works created by any kind of drafting implement. So in addition to works in traditional graphite and colored pencil, visitors will see paintings, watercolors and mixed media. The theme of Drawing a (Blank) in Boulder was deliberately open-ended, inviting artists to portray whatever is meaningful to them relating to our city. When these varied responses are brought together, we have an exhibition that includes Boulder’s natural beauty, historic landmarks, and vibrant people. Since 1966, Boulder County Arts Alliance has acted as a catalyst to incubate, stimulate and sustain a thriving arts community in Boulder County. To achieve this mission, BCAA ignites interest in the arts by promoting diverse art opportunities and supporting all performing, visual and emerging arts disciplines through grants, fiscal sponsorship, fellowships, an Arts Calendar and our Business of Arts Workshop series. To learn more about BCAA and membership, please visit:

This video includes a short walk through with the artist, Jonathan Machen, for his solo show at the Museum of Boulder, August-December, 2019.

Our Living Landscape: Exploring Boulder’s Watershed

January 31-March 30, 2020

Boulder is known for its landscapes that sweep from the peaks of the Continental Divide to the iconic Flatirons, and down to the grassy plains. Everyone lives in a watershed – the land that forms our streams and supports life. Boulder’s watershed is diverse in life, landscapes, geology, and climate. Come explore the Boulder Creek watershed with University of Colorado scientists.

Leaving a Mark

February 1 – March 14

Join us to watch Boulder artist Bryce Widom create a temporary chalk mural! Over the course of this all-ages exhibit, Bryce will come in at scheduled times to work on a large chalk mural. Join this collaborative community exhibit by leaving your mark on other chalkboard surfaces throughout the space. Bryce is well known for his murals at the Mountain Sun breweries.

Bryce will be working on the mural at the following times:

Saturday, Feb 1, 2:30-5:00pm | Sunday, Feb 2, 10am-2pm

Monday, Feb 3, 9am-5pm | Thursday, Feb 6, 9:30am-2pm | Saturday, Feb 8, 2-4:30pm | Sunday, Feb 9, 1-3:30pm

Monday, Feb 10, 9am-5pm | Thursday, Feb 13, 9:30am-2pm | Saturday, Feb 15, 2-4:30pm

Monday, Feb 17, 9am-5pm | Thursday, Feb 20, 5-7pm (Members Only Event)

Monday, Feb 24, 10am-4pm | Wednesday, Feb 26, 11:30am-1:30pm | Thursday, Feb 27, 12:30-2:30pm | Sunday, Mar 1, 1-3pm

Monday, Mar 2, 1-3pm | Thursday, Mar 5, 10am-2:30pm | Saturday, Mar 7, 5-7pm (Chalk & Chug)

Monday, Mar 9, 1-4pm | Wednesday, Mar 11, 10am-1pm | Thursday, Mar 12, 11:30am-1:30pm | Friday, Mar 13, 1-3pm | Saturday, Mar 14, 3-6pm (Closing Event)

Archive 75 | 75 Objects for the 75th Anniversary of the Museum of Boulder | October 10, 2019 – September 14, 2020

For over 150 years, Boulder has undergone an astounding evolution – from pioneer mining town to quiet college town to bastion of liberal social causes and global center for science, technology, and outdoor recreation. Throughout, Boulder has seen conflicts from within and challenges from outside the community. But this small, resilient city continues to evolve through them all – bolstered by a respect for diversity, a love of the land, an appreciation for education, and a desire to grow and take risks as a community.

The Museum of Boulder’s Archive 75 exhibition will feature 75 artifacts and documents evoking the depth and breadth of the Museum of Boulder’s holdings. They will tell 75 stories—harrowing, heartbreaking, pathbreaking, brave—about Boulder’s rich and complicated history. This installation will be featured in the 2,600 square-foot main exhibit gallery on the first floor of the Museum of Boulder from mid October 2019 – June 2020 in celebration of the Museum’s 75th Anniversary.

Where will the Museum pull these artifacts and documents from? The Museum’s Collections Facility in north Boulder houses historic artifacts and archives, which continue to be important resources for research, education and community engagement. Our 7,000 square-foot facility houses more than 45,000 historic artifacts. The Museum’s Archive Collection, housed at Carnegie Branch Library adjacent to the Museum of Boulder, contains over 900,000 historic documents and photographs. The Museum collects items that represent the people, businesses and events that have lived in, or taken place in, the Boulder region. We have items dating back to the first settlers in Boulder and others that represent more contemporary people and events in our community, like the Bolder Boulder Road Race, Ball Aerospace, and Celestial Seasonings. In 2017, we added 1,073 new objects to our historic collection. Objects in the Museum’s collection are used for research, exhibitions, publications, and for loan to other museums and other venues for exhibitions. Some of our objects are on display in The Boulder Experience gallery on the second floor of the Museum. However, due to the large number and fragile nature of many of the items, the majority have never been seen by our community.

Boulder Open Studios

For the month of October, the Museum of Boulder will host an exhibit of art by Open Studios’ juried Artist Members. Open Studios has operated as a non-profit organization supporting and educating local artists for 26 years. Their mission is to advance and enrich the visual arts and promote the role of artists in the Boulder Community. The organization is best-known for the annual Open Studios Tour, however, Covid-19 forced the cancellation of the Tour in its traditional form this year.  To support local artists and provide art and arts experiences for the public in 2020, Open Studios created a Membership Program, with numerous options for everyone. The exhibit at the Museum features one piece of the best work by each of nearly 200 Open Studios Members. The exhibit offers up a rich mix of styles and mediums by artists from around Boulder County. Many artists feature video-recorded virtual tours of their studios on the Open Studios website,, and over one fourth of the artists will book personal appointments in their studios for patrons through this website. In this way, interaction with these local artists encourages conversations, develops understanding between art appreciators and creators, and builds relationships that extend far into the future.

October 2nd – 18th, 2020

Right On!

Right On! is a public art installation by Angie Eng, featuring a series of skin-tone plaques with the dates of key civil rights cases from 1865, the decade when Eng’s great-great-grandfather came to the United States from China, to 2020. Use your phone’s camera to read the code and follow the link to a one-sentence description of the date’s significance in civil rights history.

The installation is displayed outside the Museum and is free to visit.

The plaques are for sale by the artist as part of a fundraiser to support civil justice and the arts. Each plaque will be sold with 50% proceeds to be donated to the ACLU and Creative Catalyzers, a new cultural leadership organization in Boulder County. Contact or visit

Since March | July 12-September 27, 2020

So far in 2020, we have experienced a bombardment of breaking news, health risks, and injustice, and the story changes every day. Our new exhibit, Since March, offers a space to pause and reflect on your personal experiences and the experiences of fellow community members, past and present, in the face of a contagion. The exhibit features materials from around the county, including artwork from Boulder Community Health, photographs from residents, ‘day-in-the-life’ videos from middle-schoolers, and a film showing the quiet streets of Boulder during the lockdown. You will also have the opportunity to share your own experience with other museum visitors and with our permanent historical collection.

Live from Boulder: A Snapshot of Boulder’s Musical History

Has COVID-19 got you missing live music? Through the upcoming exhibition, titled Live from Boulder: A Snapshot of Boulder’s Musical History, you will have the opportunity to reminisce and take a glimpse back at Boulder’s rich live music scene. The exhibit features some of  Boulder’s most iconic live music venues, such as the Macky Auditorium, the Fox Theater, and Folsom Field. Explore the blossoming of the Boulder live music scene and its impact on the community’s past, present, and future generations Macky Auditorium, The Fox Theater, and Folsom Field are just a few places where live music has blossomed in Boulder and impacted our community. October 1 – November 30, 2020


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