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With great respect and in accordance with our mission to preserve community stories for the future, the Museum of Boulder will be regularly collecting memorial items for long-term preservation. We are seeking to serve as a conduit to help our community heal, and beginning to preserve stories and artifacts is important at this time. We have received advice and have learned approaches from other museums such as the Orange County Historical Society in Orlando, Florida (the 2016 Pulse Nightclub Tragedy) and the Clark County Museum in Nevada (the 2017 Las Vegas concert tragedy).

The memorial sites will begin to shift and/or they will be damaged by impending weather, so the Museum of Boulder will need the understanding of community members as we work with the leaders related to this tragedy (Boulder Police Department, King Soopers, The Office of Mayor Sam Weaver, Downtown Boulder, etc.) to begin to safely collect and archive materials to preserve them.

We wish to serve as an ear to eventual oral histories from those directly involved, including first responders and family members.  The Museum of Boulder will be accepting digital photos and videos.

The stories do not belong to the Museum. Rather, we aim to be a community resource as we work collaboratively with individuals and institutions that were impacted to expand our understanding of the tragic event and preserve the community’s reaction to it.

If you would like to provide a story behind an item you left at a memorial, please fill out this form.

To donate photos or share  your story, please email



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