Did you know that fewer than 18% of Wikipedia biographical pages are for women?

For the last two years we’ve been working with volunteers and community partners to write pages for women and people of color from Boulder’s past and present to ensure our collective history is more inclusive. Become part of the movement by learning how to add Wikipedia pages for influential Boulder residents overlooked by this massive open-source reference.

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Lucile Buchanan was the first black woman to graduate from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Mary Rippon was the first woman to teach at a state university, as well as the first female professor at the University of Colorado.

Penfield Tate II was the first and only black mayor of Boulder, Colorado.

Clela Rorex issued the first same-sex marriage licenses in the United States in 1975.

Alicia Juarez Sanchez was a Latina activist who founded the Clínica Campesina in Lafayette, CO.

Colleen Cannon is a female triathlete pioneer, winning multiple races including national and world championships.

Hazel Miller is an American blues, pop and gospel singer who has performed in the Denver, Colorado area since 1984.

Lincoln Hills was the only resort for African Americans west of the Mississippi River.

The Chicano Movement was active in the 1970s on the University of Colorado campus.

Ruth Cave Flowers was one of the first African American female graduates from the University of Colorado.

Nancy Mildred Nilon was the University of Colorado Boulder’s first African American librarian.

Florence Molloy and Mabel MacLeay were taxi drivers and dude ranch owners.

Hanna Kroeger was a health food and alternative medicine pioneer.

Everette Joseph is an American atmospheric scientist and director of NCAR.