Arroyo Family


February, 2022 - March, 2023

El condado de Boulder es hogar de diversas comunidades latinas e hispanas. En el Museo de Boulder estamos preparando una exhibición comunitaria dedicada a la historia hispana y latina del condado. ¡Necesitamos de su ayuda! Si usted vive o trabaja en el condado de Boulder y pertenece a la comunidad latina, hispana, chicana o mexicano-americana, nos interesa trabajar con usted. Usted y su familia tendrán la oportunidad de compartir sus experiencias de vida, aprender sobre las historias de otros miembros de la comunidad, construir una plataforma comunitaria para usted y su familia con el apoyo del equipo de expertos a disposición del Museo de Boulder.

Boulder County is home to diverse Hispanic and Latino communities. This year, the Museum of Boulder is preparing for a community exhibit on Boulder’s Latino history and culture opening in spring of 2022. We want to hear from you! If you live or work in the Boulder area and identify as Latino, including Latina/o, Hispanic, Chicana/o, Mexicana/o, we need your help. You will have the opportunity to share your life stories, learn about other Latino communities, and help create a community platform with the help of the experts at the Museum of Boulder.


Members from the Boulder county Latino community, lets share our stories from the past and present.

Please submit art or proposals in any medium for consideration for inclusion in this exhibit.

Please submit art if you are of Latin-American or Central-American descent, or if you identify as Latino/a/x/e, Chicano/a/x/e, Indigenous, or other adjacent identities.

All submissions are welcome. The Voces Vivas exhibit explores the following universal themes in the Latino community, though work outside these themes will still be considered:

  1. Community advocacy/activism
  2. Identity and family
  3. Racism
  4. Service (military service, community service, essential workers)
  5. Movement (migration and immigration, and the reasons why we move)
  6. Pride and resilience
  7. Justice
  8. History and labor (including mining and agricultural work)

Free to apply and to exhibit.
Art sale optional.
Potential to request additional funds for required materials or support.

Submissions due Sunday, Sept. 26 @5pm
Final work due December 2021