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Stills: Moments in Time

April 23 - June 17

Paintings by Jennifer Hohlfelder and Cindi Yaklich

Like snapshot photographs, or “stills,” this exhibit explores oil paintings by Jennifer Hohlfelder and Cindi Yaklich that evoke storytelling through still lifes and figurative work. Whether through the lens of Yaklich’s realism or Hohlfelder’s nostalgic pieces, this exhibit reminds us to appreciate the fleeting moments of life’s, perhaps forgotten, moments.


I am an explorer, revealing the beauty in quiet, everyday objects that often escape notice. In my art, each object becomes a portal to our intricate reality, where light and texture interweave. These ordinary pieces, tucked away in life’s corners, hold hidden histories which contribute to our shared understanding of reality. I honor of the realist tradition, using oils on fine Belgian linen to bring untold stories to light. By recontextualizing the ordinary, I hope to reveal the beauty and interconnectedness in what is often overlooked.


I was raised in Boulder, Colorado by artistic parents. After studying art in a classroom setting, I spent years in independent studio practice honing my skills using oil paints on canvas. For many of my figures, I refer to old family photographs or scenes from my own travels using bold hues when taking the viewer to another place and time. Water appears heavily in my work as, for me, it invokes ideal times of peace and relaxation. Ultimately, nostalgia in my paintings is explored as an ideal that can offer joy and perhaps a reminder to appreciate the fleeting moments of life