Deep Dive Into Our Local History of Racism and Discrimination


The panel will discuss the work underway to document a lost part of local history. In 1934, when the City of Lafayette opened its municipal pool as a “White-Trade Only” facility, a brave Latina named Rose Lueras sought equity and brought a suit against the City. Her fight faced backlash from the local Ku Klux Klan and white supremacists. The panel will also share steps taken to create safe, equitable, and inclusive ways to honor the history. Some of the panelists include: Melissa Hisel, Director of the Lafayette Public Library; Logan Vargas, teacher and descendant of Rose Lueras; Madi Vargas, Latino Outreach Coordinator City of Lafayette Arts & Cultural Resources; Frank Archuleta, Local Historian and activist; Rachel Hanson, Program Manager City of Lafayette Arts & Cultural Resources.