Community Curation Workshop – Make interactive light sculptures for upcoming exhibit

Lantern Beat

Help build and wire an interactive exhibit!This is a hands-on build with interactive LED Light strips*
*It’s easier than it sounds! I promise, no experience required.
5:00 – Meet and greet, get your materials
5:30 – Workshop walkthrough
6:00-7:00 – Build, explore, imagine
Addressable LED strips let you control the individual color of hundreds of lights. In this workshop you will learn how to make the connections needed to wire up an LED strip to a WiFi enabled microcontroller.
We will cover the basic code needed to control individual pixels and discuss techniques for interaction with sound and sensors.
The platform can be used to create simple animations, or complex interactions with multiple devices and wireless, even internet based control.
In addition to basic connections and code we will demonstrate how a network of these devices can be controlled wirelessly using Open Sound Control with Max/MSP or Processing, etc.
You will build an interactive “lantern” which, if it works ???? will be installed for the B.E.A.T. show at the Museum of Boulder to glow alongside the bioluminescent algae that inspired it.
You will learn how to build your own LED sculpture or other lighted object and make it interactive and leave with the parts list and code examples.
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