Schedule a time for your learning group, pod or family!

Supplement at-home learning or homeschooling with safe and exclusive visits to the Museum of Boulder.

Families who group with other families in shared learning settings can feel safe visiting the Museum together, knowing they can pre-schedule a time without other visitors in interactive exhibits.

Private, COVID-safe time slots for families

$50/group – private 60-minute session in Google Garage or Playzeum for groups up to 10

What’s included?

Guaranteed sanitation before and after

No other visitors admitted during your time slot. The group you came with will be the only group playing!

Admission to the rest of the Museum before or after your visit included in group rate. Bring a lunch and eat on the roof! Visit the other exhibits!

8:30 AM – 9:30 AM (Other times also available, feel free to inquire. Subject to availability. Pre-booking only, at least 7 days before your visit)

Limit 10 per group.

Email Emily to schedule <>

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