Walk to School Exhibit

Traveling to School in Boulder County: What Moves You?

SEPTEMBER 6, 2022 - NOVEMBER 8, 2022

One in every four households in Boulder County includes a school-aged child. Unlike their parents, most students today aren’t walking, biking, or taking the bus to school – instead, they are driven in the family car. Between fall 2021 and summer 2022, researcher Darcy Kitching collaborated with the Boulder County Youth Transportation Program and Growing Up Boulder to learn how students, parents, and transportation professionals think about weekday travel and the challenge of getting to and from schools around the region. Her findings illustrate the impacts of school choice and unequal access to transportation options, as well as opportunities for policy and program interventions to make it easier for more students to take an active trip to or from school. Learn about the research and share your own experiences with getting yourself or your children to and from school, at the display in the Mason’s Nook through November 1. Learn more here- Boulder County School Travel Study.