Girl with red dress playing with gears



What if forests were made of rainbows, every step made music, and you could design the world however you wanted? Explore a wonderland straight from your imagination at Playzeum!

Play serves a deep and important purpose: It provides a way to explore the world, try out new ideas, and collaborate with others, all in a safe context that is buffered from dire consequences if an experiment doesn’t work out. Again and again, studies have shown that undirected, self-motivated play is a crucial component of a child’s cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development. In Playzeum, we encourage our youngest visitors to discover those themes at an age-appropriate level and nurture skills that will enable them to become Boulder’s change-makers of the future. Just as our history exhibits tell the story of Boulder through a community lens, you and your learner can connect how you’re playing in each section to local professionals who draw upon these skills to do their jobs.

We invite you into a space that nurtures self-guided exploration, imagination, and experimentation.

Photo by Katrina Miller at Blackat Productions.