Seizing Moments

Jennifer Hohlfelder: “People and Places”

APRIL 13, 2022 - JUNE 16, 2022

Otherwise known as the art of travel, through time and place. This is a collection of oil paintings centering around scenes of locales near and far as well as figurative work with a nostalgic flair. The collection hopes to take the mind to a recent memory, or one long ago, or simply just bring a smile to the lips. Expect to see scenery and people from coastal locales to iconic Boulder!

Artist Statement

b. 1965 Atlanta, Georgia

I was raised in Boulder, Colorado by artistic parents. They quietly instilled their passion into my life, which I finally started exploring on my own in 2010. After taking years of painting classes, in 2019, with major coaxing, I started exhibiting publicly to enthusiastic reviews of my fresh approach.  I taught myself to paint in oils which has turned into my favorite medium to work with, whether in impressionistic brush strokes or an impasto method. I tend to rely heavily on nostalgia, memories and scenes, people or objects from everyday life as inspiration. 

I believe this quote sums up my style perfectly: “[Her paintings] evoke a strong sense of nostalgia with a side of gorgeous simplicity. Nothing fussy, no overthinking – and that sparseness is what makes them strong. Her brushstrokes are raw, and her shapes not quite finished – as though they’re images from a memory you can’t quite fully recall, and yet the feeling of being there is whole and complete.” (Kimberly Beekman, Colorado Homes & Lifestyles Magazine, Mar/Apr 2021)

Jennifer Hohlfelder