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B.E.A.T. | Boulder Experiments in Art and Technology: Convivial Machines

OCTOBER 30TH, 2021 - FEBRUARY 6, 2022

B.E.A.T. is a gathering of artists, biologists and technologists. Led by Jiffer Harriman, PhD., brilliant collaborators, sharing past and emerging work, have created a very unique exhibit at the Museum of Boulder – featuring interactive digital art and music in a “dark side” exhibit and a “light side” exhibit.

One of the emerging themes of this show is the tension between the benefits that technology offers and its wonderful opportunities with the downsides and negative impacts. Goals of this show are to enable ways for people to collaborate, and connect with each other and the tools and interactions we have created, as well as with nature. Bioluminescent Algae is featured in the “dark side” exhibit and it interacts with visitors. Dr. Harriman shares, “I want this show to highlight and explore the differences/ balance between what people do well (expressiveness, creativity), and what machines are good at (repetition, connection, etc.).”

Dr. Harriman: “The technology we use impacts not only how we do things, but even what information we’re exposed to. When working in collaboration with one another, or with a piece of technology, we can become trapped in the confines or limitations of the tool itself, or we can become more productive, and even inspired to create in new ways.”

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This is the perfect exhibit in which to host an event in the Main Gallery at the Museum of Boulder. It will be a unique coveted space during the 2021 holiday season. Reach out to to reserve your party experience.