Ron Holding Micah

Screening of Side by Side Documentary by Ron Taylor

Join us at The Museum of Boulder for a In-Person Screening on Cerebral Palsy, learn through the eyes of a Ron & Micah.

Event Timeline:

Screening of Side by Side: 6pm-7pm

-Thomas T Reiley, MD, Clinical Professor, Colorado Children’s Hospital, retired, will introduce the film and Ron Taylor. Dr. Reiley also appears in the film as he was Micah’s neurologist first to diagnose his cerebral palsy.-

Q&A: 7pm-8pm

Networking: 8pm-8:30pm

In public, in-person, with power-point and Q&A sessions, Ron highlights from his many years of presentations several ‘lessons learned’ such as the reciprocal benefits of caregiving for caregiver and care-receiver, peer-facilitation in a mixed-ability classroom, and collaborative learning centers where students with different learning styles contribute to group projects. These are not sterile, didactic lessons presented in dry lectures, but flowing sound and light images that one finds in the best emotionally moving documentaries available today. As social/political as Crip Camp is, Side by Side is the other side of that coin on disability: emotionally alive and personally interactive as only a great slice-of-life documentary can do.

Side by Side is father/filmmaker Ron Taylor’s documentary of the significant moments from infancy to adulthood of his son Micah who has significant disabilities and Cerebral Palsy. Intimately recording on film and video with up-close and personal style, Ron captures the ups and downs, milestones and challenges, smiles and tears. In this 38-minute pilot to Ron’s series-in-progress, we witness Micah in several schools where he is fully included. His teachers provide insightful commentaries not only about Micah’s growth but also about their learning from his special needs.

Micah’s schooling is a model for progressive educational practices from person-centered instruction within a diverse learning community to collaborative learning centers where students facilitate other students in sharing diverse skills and abilities. The Meet Micah Movies, culled from 500 plus hours of documentation over 35 years, provide an in-depth view of the many new opportunities for educating and nurturing exceptional children. As filmmaker Ron Taylor messages us in this extraordinary longitudinal study of his son, all children are special. “Parents Are Experts” attests a shirt Ron wears during public presentations at conferences and in support groups. “There is no such thing as normal. Every child is unique,” says Margaret Wheatley in the movie. Person-centered education to a diverse learning population is an opportunity for every student to learn as Micah has “at his own pace and in his own way” (from Ron’s book All by Self about his son Micah).

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Oct 27 2021


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm



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Museum of Boulder
2205 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80302
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