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Rooftop Concert featuring Anna Cutler

Anna Cutler is a singer/songwriter and keyboardist based out of Boulder, Colorado. She started playing the keyboard at the age of six, by 13 she had booked her first gig, and by 18 she had performed to a crowd of 3,000 people.

Above anything else, Anna is an entertainer. Inspired by other singer-songwriters like Norah Jones and John Craigie, she loves to connect with fans through lyrics and storytelling. She often sings about the romance of life and the downfalls of love, and offers her audience a bit of comic relief in-between songs. She shines brightest when performing live, and captivates the crowd, whatever the size, with her witty charm and truthful portrayal of life.

It is not easy to stick Anna into a single genre. Her voice is raspy yet sweet and she writes music as if she were the lovechild of Adele and Regina Spektor; call it Americana/Folk-Pop with ballad undertones if you must.

Refreshments & Snacks will be available to be purchased onsite.

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Jul 08 2023


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm




Museum of Boulder
2205 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80302
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