Pika Storytime

Pika Storytime with Jeff and Paige

Join us for “Pika Storytime” at The Museum of Boulder! Assist your kids as they develop an interest in literature, climate issues, conservation and most importantly pikas! This learning program will take place in our current photography exhibit, “Pikas, Prairies, and the Climate Crisis,” on December 11, 2022 and January 8, 2023. Attendees will learn how they can help protect wildlife and preserve wilderness areas, have the opportunity to make new friends and receive a tour of the Museum of Boulder!

About Jeff and Paige:

Jeff and Paige use songs, storytelling, and interactive play to engage kids ages 3-9 with nature, music, and movement. They use costumes and props to create characters and set the scene. Their concerts are interactive, educational and focused on Colorado wildlife, sustainability and getting outdoors. Expect quick costume changes, educational skits, original/live music and loads of audience participation! In conjunction with the Museum of Boulder’s “Pika, Prairies and Climate Crisis” exhibit, their Jan. 8th concert will be a musical/theatrical hike from prairie to alpine bookended with inspiring, age-appropriate songs and skits surrounding energy conservation.

Learn more about Jeff and Paige HERE.

Jeff and Paige Concert at the Museum of Boulder

About the Pikas, Prairies, and the Climate Crisis exhibit:

Using stunning field photography and video this exhibit in partnership with the Colorado Pika Project explores the surprising connections between Colorado’s shortgrass prairies and the American pika. Pikas, a cold-loving species that live in the high-altitude mountains, are threatened by warming temperatures and diminishing snowpack. Their survival may depend on our ability to protect a place hundreds of miles from their alpine home — the Great Plains.

Visitors will learn about conservation efforts to connect the dots between these two diverse areas, as well as ways that they can become involved in protecting pika, prairies, pronghorn, and more.

Learn more about the exhibit HERE.

Learn more about the Colorado Pika Project HERE.


Jan 08 2023


9:15 am - 12:00 pm


Museum of Boulder
2205 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80302
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