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Morning Yoga at the Museum

Join instructor Zayd Atkinson in an one hour all levels hatha and kriya yoga class. The practice of hatha yoga focuses on mind/body connection and purity. The emphasis on kriya yoga is to aid in relaxation while remaining aware of our experience(s). Dharana or ‘concentration’ methods and mudras (hand seals) will be introduced to assist in the management of the energy/sensations arising in and of the body; potentially generating various ‘states of mediation(s)’ within the practice(s). This class is a “well-rounded” yoga practice. Please bring your own yoga mat, and any yoga props you may use.Instructor Bio: Zayd: Zayd Atkinson is a 2022 Naropa University Alumni who double majored in yoga studies and environmental science studies. He spent 7 months as an aspiring bramachari (monk) in the Krishna Bhakti tradition before studying Hatha yoga in Boulder during his undergraduate degrees. Bhakti remains a part of his daily practice. As a yoga instructor, he is an instrument for the science of yoga and is attempting to facilitate a space where all can learn.