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Creating Community during Covid

Creating Community During COVID

This event brings together Boulder-based artists, writers, and performers to talk about how the pandemic has impacted and informed their recent work. First, Carolyn Kerchof will read from current drafts of Boulder COVID Stories, a storytelling and print publishing project (the publication is due out in winter 2021; learn more at bouldercovidstories.org).Second, a panel of Boulder artists will discuss their pandemic experiences and their works in progress, and answer questions from the audience. Following the event, the panelists will continue the conversation at a nearby restaurant. If you are interested in joining for dinner and drinks, please let Carolyn know by writing to bouldercovidstories@gmail.com by July 16th.
This event is an opportunity for people in Boulder to reflect on the past year together. The audience members will be invited to take an exclusive look at works in progress, explore how the pandemic impacted local artists, and discuss everything from social distancing in dance to visualizing pandemic data in textile art.