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An In-Person Evening of Buddhist Humor

Event Timeline:

6:30pm: Door Open
7pm-8pm Gregg Eisenberg Reading
8pm-9pm Reception

Think of Me When You’re Meditating:
George Burns once said: “A comedian just makes you laugh, while a humorist makes you laugh and think.” And tonight, longtime Boulder County comedian Gregg Eisenberg will make you do all three!
Osho similarly said: “The only things in life you should take seriously are the jokes.” Because, like Zen koans of the old masters, the right jokes can shed light on important hidden gems of truth – not only about the world around us, but also about language and the human mind itself.
Eisenberg’s original brand of “Buddhist humor” blends the mundane with the philosophical – inviting listeners to sit back, relax, and laugh at ourselves. Fortunately, drinks are served on this flight.
*There will be a reception with a cash bar after the show *
Eisenberg will share “laughorisms” from his best-selling book “Letting Go Is All We Have to Hold Onto: Mind-Altering Jokes” – and share stories that shaped his unique approach to comedy. For a taste of the Eisenberg Principles performed live, click here.
The book “Letting Go is All We Have to Hold Onto” is available for purchase at the Museum store – and for peruse & purchase on Amazon here.
“A show about impermanence that will last forever.”
”For people in no shape for the human condition.”
“A revolutionary approach to maintaining the status quo.”
Gregg Eisenberg Bio:
A long-time resident of Boulder County, Gregg Eisenberg performs a one-man, multi-media science-comedy show called Even the Earth is Bipolar at Fiske Planetarium, performs music around town with his band The Louisvillains, does live spoken-word shows accompanied by some of Boulder’s most talented musicians, and is back at the Museum of Boulder for the 4th time presenting his philosophical, “miond-altering” humor.
Read more about him in this front-page feature-story in the Boulder Daily Camera. Click here to learn more about Curved-Space Comedy.