Boulder Dog Tails

Two dogs in front of the Flatirons

Boulder Dog Tails is a collection of photographic images created to reflect the natural beauty of Boulder
through the charm, playfulness and energy of the dogs that live or play here. Dogs are part of our natural
world and it only makes sense to combine the beauty of dogs and nature into works of art that fill our hearts
and minds with joy.

The images in this exhibit are selected from the 43 dogs photographed in 39 Boulder locations for the book
Boulder Dog Tails. Published in 2021, Boulder Dog Tails was a collaboration between the photographer,
pet guardians and the pets as a fundraiser to support Longmont Humane Society.

Marsha Steckling is a professional pet photographer in Boulder, CO and is a volunteer at Longmont Humane Society
where she has photographed over 4,000 shelter dogs to help them get adopted.