Artifacts Alive! program materials

Looking for a way to bring primary sources to life for your elementary school class? This program is made up of skits for students to perform that will bring artifacts from Boulder’s history to life! It’s also great for creative families looking for some group activities they can do indoors together.

Begin by downloading the introduction and instructions.

You will need the photos and text panels that provide more information on each object. We recommend teachers or parents read the text panels that describe each artifact and their significance to local history so you can speak with authority. You may want to read them with your younger learners if you feel they would comprehend their content.

Then download and print the scripts.

You’ll also need to download and print all the props and follow the instructions for cutting out the map. You can also assemble costumes and extra props, see the instructions for suggestions.

Then don’t forget to print the conclusion!

If you use these materials, please let us know here. Our ability to provide free resources depends greatly on our ability track our reach, so please fill out the form.

If you have any trouble downloading the materials, email Chelsea at

Donate items for summer exhibit

Spring cleaning?

The Museum needs these items for summer exhibit!

Updated 6/3

Eclipse glasses (3 more)
Clocks, simple numeric clocks without decoration
Portable DVD player like you would bring on the plane pre-laptop (doesn’t need to work)
Empty DVD covers, especially 90s/2000s action like Matrix and Resident Evil (have 4, looking for 40)
Winter gloves
hand warmers (have 1 need 1 more)
Coat with faux fur hood sized for adult woman
Wool base layer, ideally with plastic zipper or partial zipper (have 1 need 1 more)
Gore-Tex Jacket
pots and pans for car camping on Coleman stove
Ponchos (4)
Light (spring/fall) jackets for adults and youth (4)
Signal mirror
Self-inflating life jacket (like an airplane lifevest, not like a rafting PFD)
Camping pot
Camp Bowl
Sunglasses, ideally glacier or full-coverage glasses
Flashlight or other small backpacking light
GPS, pref. non-functional
Sleeping bag liner
Spices and condiments containers (empty) (have some, would use more)
Round matchbox
Cosco-size peanut butter pretzel containers, round (have 2, can use more if you have them)
Enamel plates a/o bowls, pref. white and blue
Pam, empty
convex mirror
Vintage light meter, 1960s or 70s
Volleyballs (2)
Small globe
Canvas or muslin sacks, like flour sack bags (have 1, need several)
Oxen shoes (horseshoes for oxen)
Avalanche hockey team fan button

Summer Camp Field Trips

Summers are never boring here at the Museum! Take a break from the heat with our engaging and exciting group programs. First, you’ll spend an hour in our Pack It Up! exhibit, working in teams to solve unique challenges and learn about Boulder history through all the adventures Boulderites go on. Next you’ll get to tinker and create in our Google Garage, which has everything from hands-on crafts to virtual reality! You’ll finish up your visit in one of two exhibits, depending on your age. If your group is 7-years-old or younger, you’ll explore our a.MAZE.d exhibit and learn about famous mazes throughout history. If you’re older, you’ll see what makes Boulder, Boulder in the Boulder Experience, an interactive exhibit that tells the history of our city and invites you to participate in it!


Full scholarships are available for summer programs that serve underserved audiences. No application necessary for qualifying groups.


Programs are $90 per groups of 35, and last 2 hours.


Admission to the Museum is included in the program fee, so after you’re done, feel free to re-visit any of the exhibits, or enjoy our amazing view of downtown Boulder and the Flatirons from our rooftop terrace (which is also the perfect place for a snack or lunchtime break!).


Schedule now!