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The Boulder Historical Society (BHS) has been in continual operation since its founding in 1944. BHS has maintained a public museum since 1949, known today as the Museum of Boulder (the Museum). BHS and Museum of Boulder are concurrent operations of the same organization.

In 1985 the Boulder Historical Society placed hundreds of thousands of historic photographs and documents on loan to the Carnegie Library for Local History (the Library). The materials were placed in care of the Library to maximize public access to this valuable collection.

Historic documents or photos with the source (call number beginning with) BHS belong to the Boulder Historical Society/Museum of Boulder and require attribution when used.

Any publication, reproduction, or other use of BHS collection material must include the credit line: Carnegie Library for Local History/Museum of Boulder Collection to be included with or found adjacent to the image.

To obtain a non-watermarked and/or high-resolution digital reproduction of BHS collection material, the following Use Agreement form must be completed and submitted in conjunction with the photo request to Carnegie Library. Personal photo documentation, cameras, camera phones, or hand scanners are not allowed. There is no fee associated with the use of BHS collection material (Library reproduction charges may still apply).

Information regarding how the collection is used helps the Museum demonstrate the cultural value of the collection material, and provide better service to users. Please be as specific as possible when describing the way in which the requested material will be used.

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