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Announcing a NEW Exhibit at the Museum of BoulderĀ 

RETURNING: Contemporary Works by Arapaho ArtistsĀ 

December 3, 2021 – February 14, 2022

The Museum of Boulder is excited to collaborate with a group of Arapaho artists in the region to create a pop-up exhibit exploring the notion of indigenous artists coming back to their historical territory.

RETURNING will feature the contemporary work of ten artists, with their individual perspectives displaying exclusive visual stories told in their personal styles.

Museums are places of inspiration, contemplation and community engagement. They help us to value the places that we live, work and visit, and help us understand where we have come from. They inspire learning and creativity, for children and adults, and work actively to ensure that a broad and diverse audience can access these opportunities at any stage of life. The Museum of Boulder at Tebo Center embodies these values.