The Museum of Boulder will close early at 2pm on Saturday, April 6 and open late at 1pm on Sunday, April 7 due to high winds and power outages. Thank you for your understanding and patience. If you have any questions or concerns, please email



Two dogs in front of the Flatirons

Boulder Dog Tails

Boulder Dog Tails is a collection of photographs created to reflect the natural beauty of Boulderthrough the charm, playfulness and...
Boulder Experience Gallery


The Boulder Experience exhibition is a space for people to engage with the breadth of the innovation that was...
Girl with red dress playing with gears


What if forests were made of rainbows, every step made music, and you could design the world however you...
Man with child building with legos


A creative space for messing about! The Google Garage is based on the idea that children learn best when they...
Pcbh Exhibitpage Banner

Proclaiming Colorado’s Black History

A comprehensive, but not complete, look at the African American experience in Colorado. The goal of this project has...

Museums are places of inspiration, contemplation and community engagement.

They help us to value the places that we live, work and visit, and help us understand where we have come from. They inspire learning and creativity, for children and adults, and work actively to ensure that a broad and diverse audience can access these opportunities at any stage of life. The Museum of Boulder at Tebo Center embodies these values.