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Inspiration is all around you at the Museum of Boulder! From our dynamic guest speakers to our can’t-miss exhibits, let Boulder’s past, present, and future fuel your curiosity and imagination.


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What makes Boulder different

What is it about Boulder that draws us here? It’s more than the incredible views of the Flat Irons. It’s also Boulder’s vibrant community with its rich history and really inspiring future. From Olympic athletes and innovative entrepreneurs to leaders in science and technology or the natural food industry, our city is unique. We now have a place that showcases and enhances all that makes Boulder bolder.

This is the inspiration behind the new Museum of Boulder – a dynamic, interactive, state of the art museum that opened at a new location on May 19, 2018 providing exciting opportunities for people of all ages to explore the past, learn and engage in the present and help create the future. Imagine being able to spend an afternoon among exhibits including Listening Together | An Exploration of 40 Years of Making Community-Powered Radio in Boulder, traveling exhibit Sportsology, and Discover NASA developed by the Space Science Institute, right here in Boulder. Imagine being able to explore amazing inventions and talk to the Boulder based inventors themselves. Imagine a museum with space designed just for kids to tinker and build, to get their hands dirty. Imagine a vital community component no longer missing in Boulder – a museum for young children to spark learning through exploration and play.

Imagine a place where families, friends or even complete strangers can come together and build new technology in the Google Garage like a robot or a talking post-it note or something else that completely defies the boundaries of our imagination.

Imagine NO MORE. It’s Brilliant. It’s about time. It’s here. This is the Museum of Boulder.


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